Thieves Smashed Church Table - Now Artist Remakes It as 'Cross of Love'

A while back a vestibule table was destroyed by thieves after it was stolen from church. The remains, however, have been used to construct a new work of art.Holy Innocents Church in Hammersmith was robbed by criminals two years ago and the stolen table, smashed it to pieces, since there was nothing of value in the drawers. 

After a proposal from Parish priest Father David Matthews, the remains were re-used, and Ghareman Maleki, an internationally renowned artist and sculptor turned them into a holy cross called The Cross of Love.
Archbishop Walter Makhulu blessed the cross at a ceremony on Sunday last week.
Mr Maleki, said that it was a very satisfying experience to work on the creation of the cross.
He was very satisfied to have the opportunity to resurrect something of such value, just like the cleaners in Fulham do.